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Your PM Client Area Guide

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This guide we will show you where everything is in your Precisely Managed client area and how to use it.

Your client area is located at:

The home screen of your client area consists of:

- Services
- Domains
- Tickets
- Invoices

There also can be notifications for:

- Active Products/Services
- Outstanding Invoices
- Domains expiring
- Recent Tickets

Clicking on your name at the top right offers additional options: (explained in detail further down in this guide)

Precisely Managed Client Area Walk-through

-- Products And Services


Here you will find all products and services both active and cancelled or terminated. Clicking on a service will open the page where you can access are services linked to that particular product. As an example if you have webhosting or care plan with Precisely Managed you will find the following options accessible:

--- Addons & Extras

- Website Maintenance Service - Silver (1hrs of Monthly Website Maintenance service. If anything is wrong or needs updating to your website and code, we will do it for you!)
- Website Maintenance Service - Gold (2hrs of Monthly Website Maintenance service. If anything is wrong or needs updating to your website and code, we will do it for you!)
- Website Maintenance Service - Premium (3hrs of Monthly Website Maintenance service. If anything is wrong or needs updating to your website and code, we will do it for you!)
- WordPress Addon - (We install WordPress for you)

--- Quick Shortcuts (these are handy as you are automatically logged into the appropriate section of your cpanel, no login information asked, unless otherwise noted)

- Email Accounts - Access all your email accounts
- Forwarders - Set an email that you want email from specified address to go to
- Autoresponders - Setup an Autoresponder
- File Manager - Access and manage your website/account files
- Backup - Download a full backup, home directory backup (all files in your account), Mysql backup, Email Forwarders backup, and Email filters backup
- Subdomains - Add and manage Subdomains, for example
- Addon Domains - Add a domain to your account. This is not the same as registering a new domain
- Cron Jobs - Manage and add new cron jobs
- Mysql Databases - Manage and add new Mysql databases
- phpMyAdmin - Edit Mysql databases
- Awstats - Visual statistics on visitors for your domains
- Quick Create Email Account - Just as it says

--- Additional Options On Your Service Page

- Login to cPanel - Logs you in to your main cPanel area (need to enter login information)
- Login to Webmail - Logs you in to your main Webmail area (need to enter login information)
- Upgrade/Downgrade - Move to another plan as needed
- Upgrade/Downgrade Options - See which options are available to your plan
- Request cancellation - Either immediate or end of billing period. If you choose "immediate" termination happens instantly and cannot be undone.
- Wordpress Management
- Quick billing overview for that specific service (bottom of page)

-- Domains


The Domains section of your client area shows any domains you have registered with us as well as lets you manage them. You can perform the following management actions from this section:

- Auto renew - Our system will create an invoice and email you automatically before your domain expires
- Nameservers - Change nameservers as needed, nameserver change can take up to 24 hours to propagate
- Registrar lock - Keeps your domain from being transferred away. It is recommended to have this enabled, unless you are transferring your domain away from us in which case it must be disabled
- Addons - Only addon at this time is "ID Protection", this will hide your personal information in the WHOIS data for your domain. Great for avoiding spam to your phone and email address
- Contact information - Change the contact information on your domain, important that this is always kept up to date
- Get EPP Code - This sends the EPP code to the email address that is listed in the admin contact information for the domain. EPP code is needed to transfer the domain away from us.

Under "Actions" you also have:

- Renew - Manually renew the domain
- Register a new domain - Buy a new domain
- Transfer in a domain - Transfer a domain from another Registrar to us. A few notes on this before you begin:
1.) Make sure the domain is unlocked (contact your Registrar if unsure)
2.) Have the EPP code ready (contact your Registrar if unsure)

3.) Domains that have previously been transferred are locked for 60 days and cannot be transferred until that 60 day period is finished
Once you have everything it is very simple and the Wizard will walk you through it. When transferring a domain you are charged a one year renewal fee, this is industry standard and can't be changed. That one year is added on top of any existing time left on the domain, you won't lose any time. A domain transfer can take up to 14 days to complete.

-- Tickets


The ticket section has the following departments:

- Sales - If you have questions about our services, this is the place
- Billing - Get help with invoices and payments
- Support - Get help with anything to do with your services other then billing
- Security - Something security related come to your attention, let us know here

You can also open a ticket in the Support department by sending an email to [email protected], if sending from a different email address then what you have registered with us please include your first and last name.

-- Invoices

In the invoice area you can pay outstanding invoices, and download and or print any invoices as needed.

-- Additional Options Found Under Your Name (Top Right Corner)


Under your name you have the following options:

- Edit account details - Name, address, country, state or province, payment method, phone number, billing address
- Payment Methods - Add a credit card
- Contacts/Sub-Accounts - You can add a contact here and configure with fine grained control which notifications and how much access they have to the account
-- Activate Sub-Account - If this option is not checked they cannot login to your account, but you can have them sent email notifications about the account as outlined in the options list labeled "Email Preferences". If you check this option they can login to the account, and you control just what you want them to see.

- Change password - Change your client area password, you must know your client password to do this. Make sure to use a strong password! If not sure just what is a strong password you can use this tool: If you have forgotten your password you can get a reminder here:
- Security settings - Offers you further control of logins to your account, you have a few options here
-- Linked Accounts - You can authenticate and login with Twitter, Facebook, and Google
-- Change security question - Setup a question and answer challenge for enhanced security. This further protects password reset requests in the case that your email account might be compromised
-- Single Sign On - Enable or disable access from "Linked Accounts" which is authentication using Facebook, Twitter, or Google

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